About Anne Gaskins:


I am a Seattle-area therapist and writer.

I graduated from Seattle University’s MA program in Existential-Phenomenological Psychology in June of 2019. I have been writing for my whole life. This space on the internet is meant as a place for me to write about the way that I practice and move through the world. If you’re visiting, I hope that something I’ve written speaks to you. I am not currently in private practice, as I currently have a job at an agency in Seattle. However, look here for future updates regarding my work.

My therapeutic orientation:

I believe in a holistic approach to healing. The mind and body are not separate entities, but one interconnected whole. We all have experiences that alienate us from our bodies and disconnect us from ourselves. These experiences can block us from living a fulfilling and meaningful life. I strive to restore a person’s sense of belonging and vitality by listening deeply with a spirit of compassionate curiosity. My hope is to increase self-compassion, self-esteem, and a sense of agency and purpose in decision-making. I bring in experiential techniques that tap into our human potential for creativity, play, and intuitive knowing. My hope for all of us is that we can learn to feel deeply, grow more connected to self and others, and move through the world with a lighter spirit.

My tag, @becomingwithanne:

The word “becoming” emphasizes my belief that all of us are on a constant journey of growth and development. “Becoming” does not have an end; we are becoming as long as we are alive and interacting with the world. We are also not becoming one thing in particular: we already are living out all of the possibilities of each moment. When we feel like we aren’t, that is when intentional reflection and accompaniment by a therapist can be helpful. Embracing the journey of becoming is our life’s work, and sometimes we need help along the way. I love to use the insights that I’ve gained in my own journey to help others through theirs. Become with me?